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Each week we publish and deliver the front porch newsletter to over 100,000 consumers on behalf of agents everywhere. The idea is to deliver value to your sphere and not just sales. See a sample newsletter here and if you are interested in the service please go here.The stories below are about HOME, HEALTH AND WEALTH. They are curated for you to use in newsletters, blogs, emails and to simply post throughout your social media. (Note there are affiliate links in each story. Learn more about our affiliate programs here ) We add around three new stories each week. We publish these stories in our front porch newsletter which we can do for you as well. 

National Camping Month

It’s the perfect time to camp all over California—from beach campgrounds to national parks and state parks, as well as cool spots like Casa...

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Help Yourself – Social Sharing 

Below is a selection of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and even Twitter posts you can use for your social platforms. Remember we can do this for you and customize each social post to include your brand, hashtags etc.  Just message us for more info. 

Get inspired!

Get inspired!

the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Inspire means to excite, encourage, or breathe life into. Inspire comes from the Latin word that means to inflame or to blow in to. When you inspire something, it is as if you are blowing air over a low flame to make it grow. A film can be inspired by a true story. Studying for your test will inspire confidence in you. Below are inspiring messages you can use to inspire those in your social sphere. Come here weekly for new ones. And remember we can do this for you

Big Results

A little progress each day will lead you to big results. An inspiring message to motivate you to think think big, work small.


Blessed are those who find in themselves what we all keep searching for in others... A inspirational message from the front porch, social media marketing...

When One Door Closes, Buy Another One

When One Door Closes…

When One Door Closes, Buy Another One and Open It Yourself. A inspirational message from the front porch, social media marketing services

front porch Enjoy your life inspirational 5-12-22

Enjoy Your Life

This Is The Moment To Enjoy Your Life. A great inspiring message we should all live by. Get more at


Real Estate is constantly changing and there are new buyers and sellers coming into the market all the time. Sharing with your sphere buyer tips, seller tips, home maintenance tips, mortgage industry snippets like rates, what types of loans are available how to get qualified and simple market updates for your service are vital to an agents success on social media. You need to be the expert and educate your sphere on all the nuances of real estate. The posts below do just that. We’ve got your covered. Simply click on any image and go to the posts page to share for FREE on your social networks. 

FP-November Checklist-1

November Homeowner Checklist

It's officially the season of gratitude, good food, and your November Homeowner Checklist! !What are you tackling first?

FP Sale Falls Through

Reasons A Sale Falls Through

🤷🏽 Nothing is more disappointing than thinking your home sale is a done deal, only to have it crumble in the final stages of the...


Need a holiday message and graph to send to your sphere? Find it here. Everything from Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, Labor Day and every other holiday we can think of. All are dated and updated each year so you can be assured of getting updated designs. Need something customized? We can do that as well. Learn more about our “Do It For You” service here 

Memorial Day Thank You

To all who serve and have served and to the families who support them, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Home of...

Happy Mother’s Day

💐 Happy Mother's Day to all the incredible moms out there! Your love, resilience, and kindness shape the world in immeasurable ways.

Merry Christmas bell Instagram Post

Merry Everything

⛄️ Merry Everything and a happy always. Pretty much sums up the holiday spirit and could not possibly offend anyone...


Every home has a story…

We love our kids, our pets, people, travel, food, wine, and GOD! We started this blog to share all the things that inspire us throughout our life. Andee is a life long Napkin. This means she has spent her entire life living in a place most of us only dream about visiting. She is a foodie and avid photographer and a Napa Valley expert if you need a rec…


Together we started the front porch as a way to grow my real estate sphere. I am a team leader, of one of the biggest teams in America. The RE/MAX Elite Partners. I have been in real estate for 20+ years, I have been an agent, a Vice President of one of the top 10 brokerages in the world and now a team leader. This website represents a lot of our proven marketing strategies mostly focused on social media, blogging and beautifully crafted hyper local front porch newsletters. 


We do it all for you. One monthly fee and we curate the content, create the newsletter, and deliver it to your sphere all on your behalf. Try it for yourself. Below you can sign up for a custom newsletter to be created just for you and see for yourself how awesome this marketing is. 

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Custom web design

High-end impactful luxury designs that result in a site that is visually appealing, easy to use, optimized, converts visitors into consumers, is mobile-friendly, and encourages growth over time.

Mobile-friendly, responsive design

68 percent of all Internet activity in the US originates from mobile devices, and about half of total Internet traffic flows through mobile apps. We’ll design a site for you that looks great on every screen size.

SEO Optimized

From Hyper local community content to Google indexed search pages your website that is built from the start with community, search and your brand in mind.

Clearly communicating

your brands message with information about you, marketing, and the services you provide and the company culture.

Driving leads

We start by attracting traffic via search engine optimization and using conversion centered design methodology and advanced user experience to drive your visitors to action

Clear calls to action

Your site is a live listing presentation packed with statistical facts, how to’s and your process. Helping visitors get in touch and find you with contact info, locations, and driving directions.

Community Focused

Your site features the (6) most impactful communities in your market area. Our community pages are packed with community facts, events, things to do and are live 24/7 with fresh content. 

Blogging and content marketing

through well written web content blogging helps build your brand and attract traffic. agents that blog have 97% more inbound links, more social shares, and higher revenue. The best part is we do it for you. Monthly and Weekly blog options are included/ 

Get Everything Above, Logo, Website, Social Media, Newsletter and blogging all done for you. $298/monthly ↴

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