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“You can’t just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream. You’ve got to get out there and make it happen for yourself.”

Diana Ross


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Looking for the perfect outdoor craft to crank up your summer? From refurbishing lounge furniture to prettying up planting stations, one of these ideas is certain to suit your fancy.

1. Backyard Movie Theater

Nothing sounds better than a warm Friday night spent watching movies in the backyard. If this sounds like a pipe dream, we’ve got good news. Projectors? They’re cheaper than ever! Also, DIYing your own outdoor movie screen is easier than it sounds. With so many options like paint, outdoor fabric, inflatable screen, tarp or even your bedsheet! The possibilities are endless. 

But if you’d like a tutorial, here is  a DIY video for you to check out!

DIY Your Own Outdoor Movie Theatre (2)
DIY Tin Can Lanterns

2. Tin Can Lanterns

Light up the long summer nights with the help of these vintage-feeling lanterns. Not only is this a simple craft that packs a big design punch, but these lanterns can be created for next to nothing as well, which makes them that much more appealing. Let’s face it, simple decorations are just getting more and more pricey. You can chose your color scheme and the scents you’d like. Got mosquitos? Fill them with citronella candles to keep them at bay!  You can check out these Helpful Tips to get more ideas.

3. Summer Wreath

Once you take down your Holiday wreath, your front door looks a little naked. So, why not throw up a warm-weather wreath for summer? You could create faux lavender and eucalyptus wreaths or any summer time flowers. It’s the perfect DIY summer accessory for any front door. Dress up your door with this helpful how-to.
DIY Summer Wreath
DIY Hanging Plant Wall

4. Hanging Plant Wall

Even if you have a small deck or patio, you can still enjoy lots of lush greenery. Take advantage of vertical space by hanging potted plants from this DIY living wall. As the plants grow, they’ll also provide privacy for your outdoor living area. You can even bring the outdoors in with a beautiful wall of indoor friendly plants. It will add a lush summer vibe to your home decor. Get out your green thumb and get creative! Need more ideas? Check out this DIY guide!

5. Personalized Welcome Mat

Stop searching for the perfect summer doormat, because we’ve found it. You can craft a cute custom doormat that will brighten up your guest’s faces every time they see it. Pick up a pack of stencils, chose your colors and say exactly what you want. Need inspiration? Here are helpful tips to checkout!
DIY Welcome Mat
DIY Outdoor Furniture

6. Outdoor Furniture

This just in: outdoor furniture is shockingly expensive! Instead of draining your accounts in order to relax on your patio, try your hand at crafting your own. With pallet wood, you’d be surprised how easy it is to DIY your own stylish furniture on a budget. Pair your creation with outdoor cushions and pillows for the ultimate relaxation spot. Get building and check out these helpful tips. 

7. Backyard Bocce Ball Court

Got a flat spot in your yard? Then you have the perfect spot for a bocce ball court. This scaled-down bocce ball court is perfect for any size yard and can easily be made in one weekend using common tools and easy-to-find building supplies. Put your DIY skills to the test this weekend with these helpful tips.

8. Garden Path

The amount of time spent laying a new path depends entirely on its length and the materials you use. Mulch is the quickest and most economical material for a garden path, but gravel, bluestone, and brick are great options if you’re willing to spend a bit more. Give an existing path an upgrade with new edging made of metal, stone, bricks, or even wine bottles.

9. Makeshift Bar

If you’re short on space but love to entertain, go for a compact bar setup. Try up-cycling two wine barrels and turning them into the bar top of your dreams. Not enough room? A simple fold-out wall shelf, with just enough room for essentials like cutting boards and utensils, is all you need to get the job done, and a barrel can stand in as a cocktail table.


DIY Makeshift Bar
DIY Fire Pit

10. Fire Pit


How can you create your own fire pit in your backyard without breaking the bank? Use some materials that you already have in your home or garden. For example – cinder blocks, bricks, or simple rocks. Arrange them in a circular pattern and put some small rocks on the bottom. Don’t have small rocks? Put a layer of sand at the bottom of the pit, and then top the sand with gravel. Building your fire pit on concrete pavers or patio slabs is most preferred, but you can also use just dirt. But be cautious, place your fire pit at a minimum distance of 20 feet from any flammable structures or surfaces in order to be safe.

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