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11 Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Families to Enjoy Together

Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Families to Enjoy Together

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“As for me, I will follow the path of the pink bunnies.” — Magenta Periwinkle

Easter is a time for celebration, and what better way to celebrate than by getting creative with some fun Easter crafts? Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just looking for some simple yet delightful activities to do with your family, we’ve got you covered with these 11 easy Easter craft ideas that are perfect for all ages. From adorable bunny-themed projects to colorful egg decorations, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

Easter Egg Garland

 Create a festive garland using colorful plastic eggs, string, and a hot glue gun. Simply thread the string through the holes in the eggs and secure them in place with a dab of hot glue. Hang your garland across doorways or mantels for a cheerful Easter touch. Paper cut out eggs works as well and might be easier. Go here to see how.


Bunny Ear Headbands

Transform plain headbands into adorable bunny ears using craft foam, felt, and glue. Cut out ear shapes from the craft foam and attach them to the headbands using glue. Then, add felt inner ears and cute details like whiskers and a pom-pom nose. Go here to learn how

Easter Egg Potato Stamps

Cut a potato in half and carve out simple Easter egg shapes. Dip the potato halves in paint and stamp them onto paper or fabric to create colorful Easter egg designs. This activity is perfect for little ones and can be easily customized with different colors of paint. Go here to learn how

Sock Bunnies:

Turn mismatched socks into cute stuffed bunnies with just a few simple stitches. Fill the socks with rice or stuffing, then use rubber bands to create the head and ears. Add googly eyes, felt noses, and ribbon bows to complete your adorable bunny creations. Go here to learn how

Easter Egg Sun Catchers

Cut out egg shapes from colorful tissue paper and laminate them for durability. Punch a hole at the top of each egg and thread a piece of string through to hang them in a sunny window. Watch as the sunlight shines through the vibrant colors, creating a beautiful Easter display. Go here to learn more

Easter Egg Sun Catchers
Paper Plate Chick Crafts:

Paper Plate Chick Crafts:

Use yellow paper plates to create adorable chick decorations. Cut out wings, beaks, and feet from orange and yellow construction paper, then glue them onto the plates. Add googly eyes and feathers for extra flair, and hang your paper plate chicks around the house for a festive touch. Go here to learn how

Bunny Butt Treat Bags

Fill clear plastic bags with Easter treats like chocolate eggs or jellybeans, then tie them closed with colorful ribbon. Attach a cotton ball to the bottom of each bag with glue to create the bunny’s tail. These adorable treat bags are perfect for gifting or Easter egg hunts. Go here to learn how

Bunny Butt Treat Bags:
Easter Egg Hunt Signs:

Easter Egg Hunt Signs:

Get the whole family involved in preparing for an Easter egg hunt by making decorative signs. Use colorful cardstock and markers to create signs with fun phrases like “Egg Hunt This Way” or “Hoppy Easter”. Place them around your yard or house to guide eager egg hunters on their quest. Go here to learn how

Egg Carton Easter Baskets:

Cut sections from an empty egg carton and paint them in bright Easter colors. Once dry, fill each section with Easter grass and small treats like chocolate eggs or candies. These mini Easter baskets are perfect for holding goodies or as table decorations. Go here to learn how

Egg Carton Easter Baskets:

Peeps Diorama

Use a shoebox or small cardboard container to create a diorama scene using marshmallow Peeps. Arrange the Peeps in a springtime scene with grass, flowers, and other Easter-themed decorations. Get creative with different scenes like a bunny garden or a chick-filled meadow. Go here for more

Easter Bunny Mason Jars:

Paint mason jars in pastel colors like pink, blue, and green to resemble Easter eggs. Add bunny faces using felt and googly eyes, then fill the jars with Easter treats like candy or small toys. These cute jars make great gifts or table decorations for Easter brunch. Go here to learn how

For photos and visual inspiration of these Easter craft ideas, you can check out crafting websites like Pinterest, where you’ll find a plethora of images showcasing each project in detail. Additionally, many craft bloggers and DIY enthusiasts share step-by-step tutorials and photos of their own creations, providing helpful guidance for recreating these crafts with your family.

This Easter, gather your loved ones together for some creative fun with these easy and enjoyable craft ideas. Whether you’re decorating your home, making treats, or preparing for an egg hunt, these crafts are sure to add a festive touch to your Easter celebrations. Happy crafting!

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