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Every home has a story, and they are as vast and varied as the world is wide. But they all start with inspiration, and inspiration starts with our surroundings. That’s what home is. Family. Friends. A sense of place. An amazing view. It is all part of what makes a space a home because your home is where you truly live. As homeowners ourselves we understand that your best life begins with a home that inspires you.

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“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you are climbing it.”

— Andy Rooney

The warm sunshine on your face, the sound of the wind rushing through the trees overhead, and the soft earthy feel of the trail under your boots. Not only are these experiences enjoyable to have, but they’re good for you, too.

Hiking is proven to have many health benefits, ranging from physical exercise you get when out on the trail, to emotional or mental relief that comes from being in nature.

Physical Exercise

Hiking is one of the best ways to get exercise. No matter what type of trail you find yourself on, hiking is a great whole-body workout—from head to toe and everything in between.

Check out all of these physical benefits of hiking:


  • Building stronger muscles and bones
  • Improving your sense of balance
  • Improving your heart health
  • Decreasing the risk of certain respiratory problems


Whether you find yourself scrambling up a steep incline or walking on a winding dirt path, hiking in our national parks is the perfect opportunity to get a work out!

Mental Health

Being in nature can boost your mood and improve mental health. Spending quality time in the great outdoors reduces stress, calms anxiety, and can lead to a lower risk of depression, according to a study done by researchers at Stanford University. In addition to having mental health benefits, being outdoors opens up your senses to your surroundings and improves your sensory perception. Taking in the sights, smells, and feelings of nature has so many health benefits it can even be prescribed by a doctor.

Relational Health

You don’t have to go it alone next time you lace up your hiking boots. Grab a friend, neighbor, or family member for more fun on the trail. Hiking with a partner, or even in a group, can improve the strength and health of your relationships. Because hiking ranges in difficulty from an extremely challenging climb to a casual way of spending time outside, it’s a great way to strengthen the friendships or bonds you have with your companions. Whether it’s with a younger sibling, neighborhood friend, or even a grandparent, hiking a trail together can bring you closer and help build a healthy relationship.

Take a Hike

National parks and their many health benefits are open to anyone, no matter who you are and where you come from. There are more than 400 national parks for you explore across the country, and each one presents its own unique opportunities for experiencing nature. Don’t be afraid to lace up your boots and grab a walking stick. The opportunities and benefits of hiking are waiting for you, all you have to do is go.

Awesome Hiking Trails In Solano County

We’ve put a list together of a handful of the most awesome hiking trails found in and around Solano County. From old oak trees, lakes, ponds, spectacular views and trails through old world vineyards Solano County has them all. Here are some of our favorites. Find a directory of them here: 

1. Rush Ranch Open Space

Zipping along Grizzly Island Road on the way to the wildlife area, there’s so much to look at that Rush Ranch may fall by the wayside.  Rush Ranch’s 2,070 acres is a fraction of Grizzly Island, and the Solano Land Trust preserve lacks the Fish and Game reserve’s wild nature. However, you may find Rush Ranch more conducive to hiking and nature observation, because the ranch does not permit hunting or fishing, (seasonally) popular activities at Grizzly Island.

There are three trails at Rush Ranch, all loops. Two begin near the visitor center and offer self-guided tours. The third, Suisun Hill Trail, starts across the street from the ranch entrance on Grizzly Island Road, and climbs up into the Potrero Hills Twin tracks and green hills(you can park right at the ranch entrance to access this trail). South Pasture and Marsh Trails get the most use, and during the school year the barn and visitor center area are busy with kids on field trips, learning about acorn grinding, native plants, and the culture of the Patwin Indians.

Summer and early autumn are dry and hot, although breezes cool things down a bit. Winter is very muddy, but a good time to birdwatch. In early spring Rush Ranch really is gorgeous — the grass is green and wildflowers dot the hillsides and meadows.


Rush Ranch is open to the public 7 days a week year-round. Open hours are 8am to 5pm November 1 through February 28, and 8:00am to 7:00pm March 1 through October 31. See our Events Calendar for special activities. Occasionally public access is limited due to a private event.

2. Lynch Canyon Open Space

With habitats ranging from steep grasslands to the riparian corridor of Lynch Creek, the property is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Buckeyes, oaks and wetland meadows provide shelter for deer, fox, bobcat, waterfowl, and many raptors, including red-tailed and red-shouldered hawks, and the majestic golden eagle. Also of interest are excellent specimens of native grasses and spring wildflowers such as Johnny jump-ups, California poppies, brodiaea, milkmaids, yarrow and lupine. A small reservoir provides a home to muskrats, great blue herons and endangered California red-legged frogs.

The trail in Lynch Canyon climbs and descends a series of grassy hilltops, and offers stunning 360-degree views. An ideal time to visit is the spring, when dazzling arrays of wildflowers cover the hillsides and the creeks run full. A distinctive feature along the spine of the preserve is a loose aggregation of irregularly shaped rocks graced by wind-sculpted live oak and bay trees. The McGary Road segment is a bike lane that begins at Red Top Road, connecting to Lynch Canyon and the Hiddenbrooke Trail.

3.Hilborn Open Space Preserve Hiking Trailhead

If you are looking for a beautiful and challenging hike, Hilborn Open Space Preserve Hiking Trailhead is the place to go. Located in Fairfield, California Hilborn has over 200 acres of land with trails that will take you up and down hills of different levels of difficulty. Hilborn also has many off-trail opportunities for those who want to explore the hidden treasures that make this preserve so special. Hilborn offers something for everyone; from paved paths perfect for strollers, wheelchairs, or bicyclists to more rugged terrain with mountain bike trails and horseback riding routes. The Hilborn family donated their home and surrounding property as an open space preserve in 1988 on the condition it is available “to all people regardless of age, sex, race, color or ability.” Hilborn Open Space Preserve is a wonderful place to discover the beauty of nature.


Hilborn Open Space is located at 320 Golf Club Drive in Fairfield, California. Hilborn is a non-motorized park open from sunrise until one hour after sunset seven days a week year-round so get ready to discover the beauty of nature along Hilborn’s trails today!

Hilborn has over six miles of hiking trails that will take you up and down hills full of trees and natural vegetation as well as unique views from different vantage points. The Hilborn Falls Trail is a moderate two-mile hike that will take you to Hilborn Falls which is a scenic waterfall surrounded by oak trees. Hilborn Huckleberry Trail is an easy one-mile loop trail perfect for the whole family with many twists and turns throughout Hilborn’s grasslands, hillsides, and forests.

4. Browns Valley Open Space Preserve

To get there, most people use Wrentham Drive, then park along Vaca Valley Parkway or off of Wrentham Dr. The Browns Valley Open Space is a wide expanse of land, hiking trails, and basalt boulders on the North side of Vacaville. One of the most appealing features of the Open Space is the three large crops of boulders gracing the hillside. The Boxcar Woody Boulders, Hillcrest Boulders, and Woodcrest Boulders each have their own sets of problems, most of which range from V0-V5, offering an easy to adventurous climb depending on skill level. Make sure to check out our Guide to Bouldering in Vacaville for more info about climbing these giants. The area isn’t just for rock climbers, though, get an amazing workout exploring some of the most beautiful hill trails in Northern California and take in unbeatable views of the surrounding area from the upper reaches. Bonus points if you discover one of the Instagram-worthy swings in the hills! We ask that visitors be courteous and careful of the surrounding ranches and wildlife while exploring, dogs should be kept on leash because of the presence of cattle, be watchful of rattlesnakes during warm weather, and please pack out any garbage.

5. Lagoon Valley Park

Lagoon Valley Park is a great place for families with children of all ages. This park has many facilities and features that make it ideal for family outings. Visitors will find picnic areas, playgrounds, tennis courts, horseshoes pits, as well as the Lagoon Lake in which boats can be rented to explore the lake. A visit to this park is sure to be a memorable experience! 

Lagoon Valley offers:

  • The 306-acre beautiful park is the perfect place for relaxing outdoors and enjoying nature. 
  • Lagoon Lake, a 100-acre lake set on over 300 acres of land offers non-motorized boating opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities like walking routes which lead to Hume Grove or Rotary Trail 
  • Miles of multi-use hiking trails with public access into surrounding open space. 
  • The 27 holes disc golf course
  • electric model flying field
  • archery range 
  • There’s also an enclosed 30 thousand square foot dog park complete with shade trees and canine drinking stations that’ll make your pup feel at home too.

Lagoon Valley Park has everything you need for a great day out. Picnic tables are scattered throughout the park, and there’s even an enclosed picnic shelter near the lake that can be rented by families or companies who want to have their own private get-togethers in style. 

There is also plenty of space for people looking to do some sports activities like walkathons or cross country races – Lagoon Valley Park provides bathrooms too! It doesn’t matter if it’s summertime on Memorial Day weekend, winter on New Year’s Eve, autumn during Thanksgiving week—Lagoon Valley Parks will provide all kinds of fun things no matter what season it may be outside!

It’s a beautiful day to go visit Lagoon Valley Park! Parking is only $5 and if you buy an annual pass, it’ll only cost you $50. Plus there are two credit card accepting terminals at the entrance so your cash will always be good for these days of fun in the sun.

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