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“Somebody just gave me a shower radio. Thanks a lot. Do you really want music in the shower? I guess there’s no better place to dance than a slick surface next to a glass door.”
― Jerry Seinfeld
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Every home has a story, and they are as vast and varied as the world is wide. But they all start with inspiration, and inspiration starts with our surroundings. That’s what home is. Family. Friends. A sense of place. An amazing view. It is all part of what makes a space a home because your home is where you truly live. As homeowners ourselves we understand that your best life begins with a home that inspires you.

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We bet you could use a nice outdoor shower on those long hot days. Well, you are in for a treat, as we gathered some cool ideas for you. There are so many ideas and combinations; it will be hard to pick the one that both suits your needs and fits the style you are going for in your yard! From custom shower enclosures to custom shower doors, you can build – or have someone build for you – the outdoor shower of your dreams. These are some of our favorites we found online and hope they will inspire you. 

What about a wall mounted outdoor shower, or an open one just beside your swimming pool?We found the coolest outdoor shower designs available and, as always, we are sharing them with you. After all, our blog is all about helping you on discovering fresh new ideas to improve your home, health and wealth. There are some rustic ideas, some neat modern or contemporary designs that will blow your mind. You will find some of these are DYI and can be accomplished in a days work. The outdoor shower has come a long way from the early “rinse off” necessity it once was.

Feel free to leave us a comment and tell which of these is your favorite. Get inspired and shop outdoor showers here

Use this shed to convert your outdoor shower

Utilizing a basic wood shed from any hardware store would make an ideal outdoor private shower. Simply removing or not building out the roof gives yo the open air with plenty of privacy and a true Cape Cod look.

You’ll probably need to hire a stone mason to build out a stone shower. If you are going for a old world Mediterranean look then this would be ideal. 

This shower looks and feel like you are at the beach. or somewhere back east. Another good example of creating a private setting outdoor and still allowing the fresh air. This shower also is big enough for more than one. 

Creating this shower look is fairly easy and with the popularity of reclaimed wood projects you could build this reclaimed wall in a day. Add some rustic towel hooks, a modern shower to balance the look and a few beach towels. Now you’re ready for the outdoors. 

You will need to head to your local salvage yard and look for a tall old wooden block beam and cut it to the hight you need. Then run the piping behind the wood block, drill a hole through and run the shower pipe though and install the rain shower head. As an added bonus we found some really cool towel hooks that would look awesome on this block shower.

We love this outdoor beach shower and it’s fairly easy to create. Grab some black wall tiles, a chrome shower kit and don’t forget the surfboard and you’ll make all the neighbors jealous. 

A nature lovers outdoor shower with plenty of style. The trick here is finding just the right old tree and strip it down. A Birch, or even a maple tree make good long trunks that can be used. 

You will need someone to come and build out a brick enclosed area and create a space for your shower but the investment will be well worth the reward when complete. Add a wood floor platform, some rocks, a shower kit and you are all set.

Having an outdoor shower just outside the master bedroom is a nice way to awake in the spring and summer months. Taking in the fresh air all in a private enclosed area. 

Creating a space between the home and the outside is easier than you might think. Here we took marble floor tiles and built a 10ft wall and tiled the entire wall. We of course installed the shower kit prior to tiling the wall and poured cement for the floor leaving a space for the wood platform to sit comfortably inlaid into the cement. This allows for great drainage and a modern sophisticated look.

You almost can’t go wrong here and this is super simple. Attaching 2×4’s to the wall and building walls is fairly straight forward. Using reclaimed wood will really make this shower pop. Make sure you put a wood sealer on the wood or thee weather will eat the wood up pretty quickly. 

Perhaps we saved the best for last. What makes this shower so fun is how easy was to do. Think about where you indoor bathroom is… Now go outside and see if it’s possible to build a wood surround or even partial walls if you area is private enough. Then all you have to do is pull the plumbing through the bathroom which will save time and money and give you years of enjoyment. 

We hope you enjoyed these inspiring outdoor showers and we would love to see yours. If you created one or even if you had one built please share it below.  Cheers…

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