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November Homeowner Checklist

FP-November Checklist-1

It’s officially the season of gratitude, good food, and your November Homeowner Checklist! !What are you tackling first?

Reasons A Sale Falls Through

FP Sale Falls Through

🀷🏽 Nothing is more disappointing than thinking your home sale is a done deal, only to have it crumble in the final stages of the process.

Selling For Top Dollar

Selling For Top Dollar

πŸ’° Want to know the secret to selling your home for top dollar?⁣⁣ Staging! Up it’s that easy. Of course you’ll need to partner with an amazing agent as well.

Celebrate Earth Day 2023

FP Celebrate Earth Day

🌎 Celebrate Earth Day with us by viewing our list of amazing Earth Day events, why protecting the environment is important, and ways to get involved.

I Can Help your Relocate

FP Reminder to Relocate FP

🌎 Reminder: I can Help You Relocate Anywhere. Did you know that I can help you buy or sell no matter where you live, or where you’re moving?

The Ultimate Guide For Moving

The Ultimate Moving Guide

🚚 When it comes to moving there are so many things to do that it’s easy to forget a few. Here is a checklist that is easy to follow, simply check the box in each category upon completion. We hope it helps make your move go smoothly!

How To Prepare For A Hot Spring Market

How To Prepare For A Hot Spring Market

πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’» Homebuyers are facing some of the most challenging housing market conditions in almost a decade, including lower inventory, higher interest rates, and heftier prices than this time last year.


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