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Let’s Get Social in 2023

10 tips for getting noticed on social media

Ready to take your business to the next level? Hit the ground running this month with ten terrific tips for getting NOTICED in your social media circles!

make money every day until New Year’s day’ plan


he clock is ticking toward the start of a brand new year. Meanwhile, there’s still work to do! How will you end this year? Will you look back and be proud of what you were able to accomplish? Were you able to move the needle on your goals or will you be saying to yourself a lot of ‘woulda, shoulda, coulda’ words?

Today, Be Thankful for How RICH You Are

Today, be thankful for how rich you are

Industry icon Zig Zigler said, “Today be thankful and think how rich you are. Your family is priceless, your time is gold, and your health is your wealth.” Those are powerful words and a great reminder for all of us.

Rules for a Happy Year & a Happy Life

Rules for a happy year

Everyone is talking about what it takes to have a better year this year. It’s pretty simple. Everything we need to know to have a happy life, we learned as a child.

Invest In Children

Invest in Children

Invest In ChildrenEveryone has an opportunity to invest in the future of a child. It might be your child, a child that you are coaching or teaching, or the child of a friend or family member. Children are our future, and we are their mentors.

Memories Connect Us

Memories Connect Us - Featured Image

😊 Memories are always special. Sometimes we laugh by remembering the days we cried. And sometimes we cry by remembering the days we laughed. That’s life. The power of memories is hard to put into words.