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Day 5.

Build a Timeless Base Layer.

When decorating, break down the room into a few different layers. Your base layer should include your biggest furniture—the pieces you’ll take with you from home to home. Your second layer includes smaller furniture. And your third layer includes textiles and accessories. Since these layers are more flexible, you might swap them out as you move from home to home.


“Always make sure a room has layers,” Charli Hantman, interior designer and owner of August Black Interior Design, says. “Core pieces—like a sofa, cocktail table, and rug—ground the space. Secondary options and accessories—like side tables, decorative objects, textiles, and art—are the elements that transition a house to a home.”


Quick Tip: To give yourself more flexibility with your second and third layers, many designers recommend keeping your base layer as classic and versatile as possible.


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