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DIY St. Patrick's Day Projects

DIY St Patricks Day Projects
“You gotta try your luck at least once a day, because you could be going around lucky all day and not even know it.”

-Jimmy Dean

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These St. Patrick’s Day decorations will have you feeling lucky in no time. Celebrate this mid-March festivity in style!

Fun St. Patrick’s Day Decorations for a Year of Luck

Saint Patrick’s Day Awesome Decor

If eating a bunch of St. Patrick’s Day food isn’t your idea of a celebration, then try crafting these St. Patrick’s Day decorations instead! My husband is half-Irish, so we go all out every year for our St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

To attract all the luck and light you need, here are fantastic St. Patrick’s Day decorations!


1. Paper Shamrocks

St. Patrick’s Day Craft: How to make Paper Shamrocks – Hoosier Homemade

Learn how to make these adorable Paper Shamrocks. They are a fun St. Patrick’s Day Craft that the kids can help with too. Go Here

2. Lucky Pallet Sign

St. Patrick‚Äôs Day decorations can range from simple ones made of paper or more elaborate ones like this¬†‚ÄėLucky‚Äô sign¬†made of pallet wood. There‚Äôs no limit to the fun and adornment when it comes to this special day.

Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Pallet Sign

Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Pallet Sign made with die cut letters adhered on to pallet wood. Easy St Patrick’s Day Home Decor project. Go Here

3. Shamrock Mason Jars

Mason jars have been the toast of DIY projects for a long time. It’s no surprise you can use them to make St. Patrick’s Day decorations as well.

These shamrock mason jars make great table centerpieces. Add a bouquet of flowers for more flair.

Shamrock Mason Jars – Mason Jar Crafts Love

Shamrock Mason Jars. Mason Jar Craft Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick’s Day Craft Using Mason Jars. How to included. Go Here

4. Shamrock Balloons

Shamrock Balloons

What’s a celebration without some balloons? It doesn’t have to be a children’s party; there’s a place for your love for balloons even on St. Patrick’s Day.

Get friends to help you out in making these shamrock balloons!

5. St. Patrick’s Day Paper Wreath

St. Patrick’s Day Paper Wreath

Hanging this St. Patrick’s Day paper wreath on your front door is like welcoming luck and light into your humble abode. And who doesn’t want a good and fun life?

This St. Patrick’s Day decor might be the simplest but definitely the most charming. It’s also a great way to boost the holiday spirit as well.

A Simple DIY Wreath for St. Patrick’s Day | DIY Playbook

You make make the look for less. This tutorial for a DIY wreath for St. Patrick’s day is not only very simple, but very affordable. You can visit the dollar store to find all of the supplies‚Ķ

6. St. Patrick’s Day Pot of Gold

While St. Patrick’s Day decorations are about innovation and creativity, it’s still nice to follow tradition in your own way. What’s a St. Patrick’s Day celebration without a pot of gold?  It’s simply the best part. Your kids will love munching on these gold pieces.


7. Lucky Penny Letters

St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Penny Letters

Looking for decor that‚Äôs a little extra? There‚Äôs nothing bolder and louder than these ‚ÄėLucky‚Äô penny letters. It simply screams St. Patrick‚Äôs Day.

If this doesn’t get you all the luck you need, I don’t know what will. Go Here


8. Three-Leaf Clover Shadow Box

Knowing that St. Patrick’s Day is near means springtime is also fast approaching. So if you’re up for decorating with greens, this three-leaf clover shadow box would be a great idea, to begin with. Make it more special by hiding one four-leaf clover in a box full of three-leafs!


9. St. Patrick’s Day Printable

Not really a big fan of the color green? How about a nice printable St. Patrick’s Day wall decor instead?

All you need to do is right-click on the photo and save the image. This printable goes with gold glitter dots and reads ‚ÄúWishin‚Äô you a pot o‚Äô gold and all the joy your heart can hold.‚ÄĚ Try to add just a little bit of greenery in the background to symbolize the coming spring. Go Here


10. Leprechaun Hat Treat Cup

Kids will enjoy this leprechaun hat treat cup for their classroom party. Give them a chance to have fun by helping create this adorable headpiece idea for St. Patrick’s Day.

Fill the hat with colorful treats like rainbow jelly beans, popcorn, and gold caramel chocolates to celebrate the holiday.


11. St. Patrick’s Day Napkin Wraps

Spruce up your party table with St. Patrick’s Day napkin wraps! You don’t need to spend too much to make the holiday special. These napkin wraps are so cute, they’ll make your family dinner extra fun and memorable for everyone. Check out this link to download the printables.


12. St. Patty’s Lucky Pillow

St. Patrick’s Day St. Lucky Pillow

We already have a knitting project on this list and it would be nice to have something for sewing as well. If you love¬†throw pillows, this is certainly an idea you would want to work on. Sew the word ‚ÄúLucky‚ÄĚ and some cute clover designs on the pillow or feel free to customize with your own wonderful on-theme ideas. Accent your living room with several of these pillows for a memorable St. Patrick‚Äôs Day holiday celebration.


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