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🔥 Getting Cozy For The Holidays

Getting Cozy with winter decorating ideas for the home

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The house begins to be a home. The unfamiliar places are beginning to fold the familiar objects into their keeping and to cozy them down. Objects that swore at each other when the movers heaved them into the new rooms have subsided into corners and sit to lick their feet and wash their faces like cats accepting a new home.

— Emily Carr

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🏡 Cozy Home Decor Ideas to Get You Started will help you create a home that feels welcoming.  There’s nothing like coming home to a cozy inviting space to warm the heart. Transforming your rooms doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. 

Everyone’s home has a different feel and look.  Adding touches of coziness throughout your rooms will help you create a home you love.


What is Cozy Home Decor?

When guests or family members enter your home, you want them enveloped in a feeling of warmth.  Creating rooms that “hug” you is a goal to strive to obtain.  Sometimes the simplest changes are the ones that have the most significant impact. 


Instead of creating a design philosophy, decorate your home with things you love.  You don’t have to have much money to make your home warm and cozy.  Being willing to take your time finding the right pieces at a price you can afford is the only requirement.  

A Hint of Lace

A lace tablecloth can add a touch of romance to any table setting. It’s a simple way to add cozy home decor to your dining room table or an outdoor table for an impromptu meal. Try it on your coffee table, side tables and or drape it over a mantle


Mirrors throughout your home add elegance and can make a room feel larger than it is.  Large or small, mirrors have a significant impact wherever you place them. 

Mirrors come in all kinds of shapes and sizes so if you’re going for a cozy feel you’ll want to stay with victorian, circular, and or shaped mirrors offering elegance and perhaps a vintage touch.


Chandeliers are one of the easiest ways to add style and glamour to your rooms.  They come in a wide variety of styles to suit any taste.

I’m not a fan of ceiling mount lights, so I add a chandelier to every room to replace them. I prefer the time-worn feel of vintage lighting. Some vintage chandeliers are simple and understated, while others are dripping with dangling crystals.  

Bathroom Spa

Who doesn’t like to feel pampered? Instead of heading to your favorite spa, turn your bathroom into a cozy oasis that will help you unwind at the end of the day.


Give your bathroom a good cleaning and evaluate your room. Simple touches like soft lighting, large cozy towels, a plush robe, plants, bath salts, and some music can transform even the plainest bathroom into your little oasis. 

Coffee Table

There’s nothing quite like curling up on the couch at the end of the day with your favorite beverage and an excellent book to read. Having the right coffee table will help you achieve the coziest atmosphere. 


Your coffee table is where you set down your book, rest your feet, or place your cup of coffee.  You want to ensure your coffee table is the right height and size for the room.  

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a simple way to add texture, color, and design to any room they grace. They come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find the perfect accent pillows to add a touch of coziness to your chairs, couch, and bed. 


The perfect cozy rug can add both style and comfort to your home. Rugs come in various materials, colors, and styles, so you can easily find the right ones that will fit with your home decor.  

A cozy rug in your bedroom can make your space look more inviting and intimate, while a rug in the living room can weave the room’s colors together and make it feel more inviting for family and friends. 


Fairy Lights

If you’re looking for a touch of magic to add to your home, look no further than fairy lights.

Whether you want to add a touch of romance to your bedroom or some sparkle to your windowsills, fairy lights can be used in various ways, thanks to their small size.  

Warm Paint Colors

Did you know the colors you put on the walls of your home can impact your mood?  Studies have shown that specific colors are calming while others can be energizing.

If you want to create a more cozy environment, paint your walls in soft neutral colors. Your rooms can embrace different decor styles as long as the color palette is the same and the walls have a more neutral tone. 

As a bonus, pale soothing paint colors reflect the light better, making rooms feel more spacious.

Layered Bed

Layering your bed with different patterns, colors, and textures will create a nest you can’t wait to get home and dive right into comfort.  Turn your bedroom into a private oasis that will give your body the rest it needs. 

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