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Halloween Costumes and Games

There is a child in every one of us who is still a trick-or-treater looking for a brightly-lit front porch.

-Robert Breault

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Frightfully easy Halloween DIYs

Halloween isn’t Halloween without killer Halloween costumes. Whether you’re looking for family Halloween costumes, baby Halloween costumes or even just some easy Halloween face paint, dressing up is a major part of the holiday. But sometimes, the witch’s broom slips out from beneath you and you realize the big day is almost here and you have absolutely no idea what to wear. Do you go for couples Halloween costumes or DIY adult Halloween costumes, or should you test your artistic side with some Halloween makeup ideas? You’ve got options! And you can totally boo-it-yourself with these super simple but super cute and easy Halloween costumes. These last-minute ideas will ensure that your 2022 look is frightfully fun—without being scarily stressful.


Squid Games 

What is Squid Game? Netflix describes the show as, “Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits — with deadly high stakes.” It is no accident that the costume is so popular. The eerie show is number one on Netflix and is expected to be seen by 82 million subscribers worldwide since it was released on September 17, 2021.  Amazon has an entire section of costumes including masks and jumpsuits for the players and henchmen in the show.


Halloween Forehead Detective

Halloween Forehead Detective

Give each attendee a sticky note emblazoned with a popular Halloween word or costume idea and have them place it on their forehead. They’ll have to ask other party-goers questions until they figure out what they are. Makes for a great ice-breaker


Stranger Things 

The fourth season of Stranger Things was another huge hit, and with so many great characters in the show, there are loads of ideas for last-minute Halloween costumes. Whether you channel Eleven in a pink dress and nose bleed or don an “Ahoy” hat with your bestie as Steve Harrington or Robin Buckley, we hope your Halloween remains the right way up and Demogorgon-free.


Halloween Halloween Charades

Halloween Charades

This Halloween charades game is basically a game of charades. But it adds a spooky twist by using Halloween phrases. You also can use Halloween movie titles for your guests to act out, which can be extra eerie if they’re in scary costumes. Get the game here


For Shrek, grab the “inside-only” clothes you’ve been wearing since March of 2020 and a pillow to put under your white T-shirt. Princess Fiona is a bit more of a look, but where these outfits really come together is the ogre ears. A couple of headbands combined with green pipe cleaners, glue and lime-green felt cutouts will help these characters from our favorite cartoon movie come to life. Green face paint is optional, but it takes your ogre look to all-star level.

Halloween bobbing for apples

Bobbing for Apples

Give this classic fall activity a Halloween-worthy upgrade by swapping the glass bowls with life-size witch cauldrons.

Halloween Top Gun

Top Gun 

With the Top Gun sequel dominating the box office this summer, it’s the perfect time to don some aviators and that Maverick charm. Ideally, you and your wingman would be wearing a flight suit over a white T-shirt, but for those last-minute Halloween costumes, a mustache and some aviators do about 90 percent of the work

Spooky Bean Bag Toss

Each of these Halloween-themed cans is assigned a point value on the back. The more you knock down, the more you score!

Halloween Mario Cart

Mario Kart 

This last-minute Halloween costume has room for both your best friends and your best enemies. It’s easy to make go-karts with some cardboard, glue, string and paint, and from there, all you really need is a fake mustache, a hat and a brightly colored shirt to denote which character you are.

Halloween Witch Ring Toss

Witch Hat Ring Toss

For an easy, entertaining game for little ones, set up a ring toss with witch hats as cones. DIY your own rings by cutting the center out of paper plates.

M&M Candies

Halloween is all about nostalgia (and candy), so it’s time to resurrect your love of green, purple, red, blue, orange or yellow in T-shirt form to put together the last-minute Halloween costume of your (M&M) dreams. A cutout paper “m” pinned to a colored T-shirt will do just fine too.

Halloween donuts on a string

Donuts on a String

Kids can’t use their hands to retrieve donuts hanging from a string in this classic Halloween party game that always makes for lots of laughs and funny photos.

Vincent van Gogh 

You don’t have to be talented at all to become this artistic genius for Halloween. Most of the work is done on just one side of your head: the left ear, to be exact, which van Gogh famously cut off. Tape a bandage or folded-up paper towel over it. To take things to the next level, don a red wig and/or beard, carry a paintbrush and wear a “Starry Night” shirt. Your date can even go as one of van Gogh’s other famous works with a sunflower crown!

Halloween Pumpkin Bowling

Ghost and Pumpkin Bowling

Sacrifice a few white party cups to convert into ghoulish bowling pins. Cut the stem off a pumpkin and you’re all set with the perfect festive ball.

Care Bears 

Sure, it’s nice to have furry onesies to wear. But if you’re really in a rush for an easy Halloween costume, all you need is the following: a white T-shirt with a heart painted on it, some paint on your nose, and a headband with bear ears. Then, it’s hugs all around! 

Halloween Feel Box

Feel Box

Gross-out your guests with this hands-on Halloween party game. Fill boxes full of items that are cold, slimy, or otherwise unpleasant to touch, such as cooked spaghetti or peeled grapes. Have your guests stick their hands in the boxes and try to guess what the items are.

Men in Black 

The Men in Black may be the best-kept secret in the galaxy, but there’s no mistaking their look. Even better, this costume is extra easy to pull off if you’re heading to a Halloween party or parade straight from work—just neaten up that tie, don those black sunglasses and make sure you have your memory-erasing Neuralyzer in your inside jacket pocket, just in case you experience any scary Halloween events.

Halloween Candy Corn

Candy Corn Relay Race

Split your guests into two teams, and then set up two lines of small bowls with one for each person. Also, give each person a spoon. Fill the first bowl for each team with a small amount of candy corn. When you say go, each person must move the candy corn from their bowl to their next teammate’s bowl using the spoon held in their mouth. No hands allowed. The first team that moves the candy corn all the way to the last bowl wins.

Halloween Waynes World

Wayne’s World 

Speaking of the 1990s, what about our two favorite TV show hosts, Wayne and Garth? Their plaid-focused regular-schmo outfits almost certainly exist in your closet already, and it’s really the wigs and hats that make these lovable loafs come to life. Plus, if you’re headed to a party where you don’t know anybody, your interviewing skills will come in handy. 

Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt

Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of items with a Halloween theme that you spot around town. Some options include a carved pumpkin or skeleton Halloween decorations. Then, have your guests race around town and take photos of as many list items as they can find. The person who finds the most items wins the Halloween scavenger hunt.


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