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🌲 Backyard Outdoor Trends

Backyard Outdoor trends

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Every home has a story, and they are as vast and varied as the world is wide. But they all start with inspiration, and inspiration starts with our surroundings. That’s what home is. Family. Friends. A sense of place. An amazing view. It is all part of what makes a space a home because your home is where you truly live. As homeowners ourselves we understand that your best life begins with a home that inspires you.

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“Choose only one master… Nature.”

– Rembrandt

Breathe New Life Into Your Backyard With These 5 Oh-So-Hot Outdoor Trends!

You don’t need to have acres of land or a perfectly cultivated garden to make the most out of your outdoor space this season. In fact, sometimes all your backyard really needs is one little perfectly placed addition. To find your holy grail of outdoor accessories, we turned to Instagram (as we always do) to see what the internet hive mind is loving right now. What we found are some pretty rad design trends that, frankly, we want to implement immediately.

Luckily for you—and us—we’ve curated most popular outdoor designs of the week, along with products you can buy to steal the look. Ready to breathe some new life into your backyard? Keep reading.

Painted Tank Pool

Summer heat beating you down? Then it might just be time to cool off with a customized painted tank pool.

“Not only have renters figured out how to work a pool onto their patio, homeowners have also discovered clever ways to get poolside vibes without committing to an in-ground pool,” says Devin Shaffer, lead designer at Decorilla. “Painting a free-standing pool helps mask the unsightliness, and also transforms it into a statement piece that connects with surrounding design elements.”

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Find your perfect stock tank, then head on over to your local Home Depot to have someone mix up the perfect color (be sure it’s exterior paint) for your pool.

Portable Fire Pit

For those experiencing cooler summers filled with outdoor dinners and cocktail hours, then this portable fire pit might be just the thing.

“When it comes to our living spaces, we all love to have options—otherwise we quickly lose interest and seek out new things,” says Shaffer. “Buyers are always looking for smart home solutions that adapt to them and their lifestyle, and portable fire pits are one of very few design options that allow for mobility and adaptability, leading to absolute comfort.”

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Steal the look with this Anush concrete outdoor fire column.

Daybed Oasis

An outdoor space can never have too many lounging spots, which is one reason we love this daybed oasis.

“A sofa works as a seating area when entertaining guests, but a daybed is perfect for lounging with your family and closest friends,” says Andra DelMonico, lead designer for Trendey. “These large, cushioned beds create a resort feel in your backyard. Look for one with sides for increased privacy and a ceiling to some degree for shade, and be sure to choose one that isn’t completely closed in, otherwise it will lack airflow and get too hot.”

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Pair this Cadeo wicker daybed with your favorite umbrella or canopy for the perfect backyard lounge spot.

DIY Ivy Wall

If you like the look of a garden (but weeding and watering not so much) then this low-maintenance DIY ivy wall is the perfect solution.

Adding plants to your outdoor space creates a visual barrier, dampens sound, and keeps the space cooler. Vine plants are a perfect choice, because they’re easy to grow and can quickly cover an area. But make sure to have a plan for your ivy wall before you put your plant in the ground, or arrange your planters. It helps to have a frame that you can weave the vine around as it grows. This helps to contain and support the plant while creating the design you want.

Get the look

Before heading over to your local nursery to shop for vines, be sure to check out this DIY.

Clustered Porch Pendants

Lacking a bit of light and ambiance on your porch? Look no further than these clustered porch pendants.

As more homeowners look to turn their outdoor areas into living spaces, outdoor light fixtures have come under greater scrutiny. Say goodbye to the builder-grade flush-mount light and replace it with a cluster of pendants, to give your outdoor dining area a restaurant vibe. Or hang a cluster of pendant lights over a coffee table for an intimate living room feel, as you sit on your outdoor sofa. For visual interest, choose pendants that are different sizes or shapes and hang them at different heights.

Get the look

Shop this sculptural three-light chandelier in Silver Ombre to steal the look.

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