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How to Organize the Best Yard Sale

How to Organize the Best Yard Sale

“You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go, let go of them. I tie no weights to my ankles.”

. – C. JoyBell C.

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1. Declutter Your Whole Space

If you’re planning a garage sale, there’s no better opportunity to clean out your whole house. After all, the more items you have, the greater chance you have to make some cold, hard cash. Make it through your entire summer cleaning checklist, picking up forgotten-about items along the way, and you should have a good amount of things to sell once garage sale season hits.

2. Advertise Online and in Your Local Newspaper

Any way you can get the word out is another opportunity for foot traffic. Advertise your garage sale on social media and other online platforms and marketplaces. You can also consider advertising in your local newspaper.

3. Consider Organizing a Community Yard Sale

Community-wide garage sales continue to grow in popularity because they are a win for the seller, buyer, and environment. For the seller, they are an opportunity to get cash for your items, and you’re guaranteed to have a lot of traffic throughout the day.

Multi-family garage sales tend to capture the interest of more buyers, as they know there will be tons of different things for sale. If you’re up for the extra legwork, hop around your neighborhood and knock on some doors. You can organize a profit-sharing system, or you can keep things separated by household.

As for the buyer, there is a much higher ROI to shop a neighborhood that has 80 sales within a one-mile area than to drive up and down random streets looking for a deal.

4. Put Up a lot of Signs

There are plenty of garage sale-goers that regularly scope out neighborhoods for deals. The key to urging people to stop is making your signs irresistible. Use big, bold letters and bright colors to make it easier for drivers to see the information and to attract their attention. You can even put your kids to work on making signs.

Be sure to have them make signs announcing the date, hours and location of the sale as well as directional signs to guide buyers to the sale on the big day.

Additionally, maximize your advertising and extend an invite to your community. Invite them to sell their things or stop by and purchase yours by posting about your garage sale in local listings or bulletins.

5. Organize Your Items

Many of your shoppers are on the hunt for specific items, so you’ll maximize your sales by keeping things organized and easy to find. Group like items together, similar to how you’d find them in a retail store. 

Some of your departments might include:

  • Clothing (separated by size and type)
  • Collectibles
  • Tools
  • Furniture
  • Sporting goods
  • Home Decor
  • Linens
  • Books
  • Toys

6. Make Your Garage Sale Easy to Shop

Running garage sales is a lot like running retail stores—you want to make the buyer’s experience as pleasant and simple as possible. You can do this by tailoring the setup and general atmosphere of your garage sale. Below are a few garage sale tips for creating that must-buy experience for your customers.

7. Maximize Your Curb Appeal

Before you have a yard sale, clean your home’s exterior and spruce it up as much as possible. This will help captivate an interested passersby, as it hints that there will be quality items for sale.

Put a few high-value, high-visibility items on the edge of your property. This will help catch the eyes of people driving and walking by. It will also make your yard sale easier to spot for people who are looking for it.

Ask yourself, “Does this look like it belongs in the trash?” If the answer is yes, don’t put that item out on sale. Shoppers might see junk items and be turned off by your sale.

Display items on tables, hang up any clothes for sale and maintain a comfortable atmosphere. 

8. Make Sure the Price is Right

Figuring out what to put on your price tags can be a challenge: You don’t want to sell yourself short, but you also don’t want to price so high that you can’t move your items. Twenty percent of what you paid is usually the happy medium here but go with your instincts. Be ready to haggle with bargain-hunters if you really want to unload your things. While some hardcore yard-sale enthusiasts are born hagglers, most people will be more comfortable having a price tag to reference. You can create your own labels or pick up premade stickers if you have a lot of inventory to work through.

9. Make It Easy To Pay

Apps are very helpful since they feature contactless payments, but many bargain hunters may still use cash, so make sure to have enough on hand to make change. Have plenty of 10’s, 5’s and 1’s ready to break larger bills, as well as a few rolls of coins if you’re selling cheaper items.

While it might not be convenient to set up a way to accept credit cards, Apps like Venmo could be used without needing to purchase additional accessories. 

10. Part Ways With Any Leftovers

While it’s nice to score some extra cash, the main objective of a yard sale is clearing out all of the things you don’t need. If you were willing to sell it for cheap, then it probably doesn’t have a place in your life anymore.

Once you’ve had a successful garage sale, donate any leftover items to local causes. If you live in a high-traffic neighborhood, you can also leave a “free” box near the sidewalk.

No matter how you do it, just let those extra things go, count up your cash, and enjoy some well-deserved chill time in your clutter-free home.


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