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❤️ Love Yourself First and everything else falls into line.

“Valentine’s Day is just another day to truly love like there is no tomorrow.”
—Roy A. Nganso

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A simple “Me First ♥️” approach to life can change everything. Here’s an inspiring story  Just in case you’re stuck on what to get 

“After years of living alone, experiencing wins and setbacks at work, finding love, losing love, and eventually meeting ‘the one,’ I’ve realized something profound about self-love: I’ve accepted that no matter how good or bad things around me are going, the most important factor influencing how I feel is me.

My confidence, my energy, my perception of my health and physical attractiveness is all a product of my inner voice, and the version of the story I narrate. Yes—people can say or do things that influence how you perceive yourself, but ultimately, my relationship with myself, my acceptance of my gifts and faults, is what drives my perception of self worth. The nicer I am to myself, the more I surround myself with thoughts, people, and beliefs that promote a positive self—and the better I feel. Like all relationships, the one I’m in with myself requires patience, kindness, and faithfulness in order to flourish.”

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