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🤷🏽 Reasons A Sale Falls Through

FP Sale Falls Through

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Nothing is more disappointing than thinking your home sale is a done deal, only to have it crumble in the final stages of the process. Unfortunately, not every home that goes “under contract” makes it to closing. From inspection issues to low-ball appraisals, there are a few common reasons a sale will fall through. Whether you’re considering buying or selling, it’s important to understand these potential pitfalls so that you can take proactive measures to prevent them.⁣

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By being aware of these common hurdles and taking proactive measures, you can increase the chances of a successful home sale. Working closely with a knowledgeable agent who has experience navigating these challenges is essential. Clear communication, proper preparation, and a proactive approach are key to avoiding the pitfalls that can derail your home selling journey.⁣

If you’re considering selling, send me a message — I’d love to share how I can help you sell your home successfully (the first time!)⁣


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