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Should You Be Posting Your Property Transactions To Social Media?

  • What should real estate agents post on social media?
  • What’s the best content for real estate agents?
  • What should real estate agents posts on Facebook?
  • How do I get people to interact with my social media?
  • What are some real estate content ideas?
  • What social media should real estate agents use?


These are questions we hear a lot from agents. We say “Yes”,  but have you noticed that some of the best real estate social media posts (or at least the most popular) have nothing to do with real estate?

It’s true.

And it’s because the best content for social media marketing is content that engages an audience.

If we put aside pictures of homes that so many of us dream of buying (but could never afford), the best social media posts for engagement include content that provides value, which is usually content that educates, entertains, and endears. Yes, your “just listed” and “just sold” posts inform your audience, but let’s be real—those types of posts are really about you. On any given day, and of all the people in your audience, it’s only a select few who will benefit from a post about a home recently put up for sale. And if you look at these posts you will see the only people who do engage is other agents and affiliates throwing congratulatory shout out!

So what are you going to give them that will keep them engaged and coming back for more?

Read on to find out what smart and savvy real estate agents should post to social media that will attract prospects, nurture leads, and keep them top of mind with clients.

And if you’re interested in these content ideas but don’t have the time, patience, or other resources to research, create, and publish, we’ve got the perfect solution with personally branded and engaging posts for Facebook and all your other social media platforms. More on that later

1. Home sweet home

With people spending a lot more time in their homes, home content has wide appeal. Consider posting content that provides useful information about:

  • Cleaning: You can share kitchen cleaning hacks, instructions for decluttering a garage, spring cleaning tips, reviews of organic cleaning products, and cleaning services in your local area.
  • Organizing: Can you help your audience get more usable space in their mudrooms? Do you have ways to organize a small bathroom? How about a system for organizing a wardrobe? Do you have advice on what to consider when downsizing?
  • Home improvement: The budget-conscious, adventurous, and handy members of your audience will all love DIY projects. Families with children will especially appreciate information to help them keep their homes safe. Any information about home maintenance, whether it be about maintaining appliances, cleaning fireplaces and wood-burning stoves, or enhancing their curb appeal, makes for great social media posts.
  • Outdoors and gardening: Information and advice about organic gardening, chemical-free pest control, and other environmentally responsible outdoor maintenance activities will win you clicks. So will posts about designing outdoor living spaces, adding privacy to a backyard, and inexpensive ways to beautify gardens and homes.

2. Food and recipes

People love to look at pictures of gorgeous food. But beyond that, food has an understandably universal appeal. Just watch Reels, Instagram or Tik Tok for a minute or two and you will see food and lots of it.  Here’s a list of some of the many topics that make for some of the best social media content:

  • game-day recipes
  • easy breakfasts
  • holiday favorites
  • cuisine from different cultures
  • cooking tips
  • homemade ice cream
  • the latest kitchen gadgets
  • entertaining guests
  • healthy alternatives
  • guilty pleasures

3. Life and culture

Consider this category a creative and inspirational collection of what is current, popular, exceptionally entertaining, and relevant to people’s broad interests.

Of course, you can narrow any of the ideas and topics we’ve listed below to suit your audience’s circumstances and demographics. And there are far more ideas than we’ve listed here. Keep an eye out and an ear open for what catches people’s attention, the conversations they’re having, and what’s trending.

For example, imagine what you could include in a Facebook article about:

  • healthy habits
  • best weekend getaways
  • best books for the beach
  • trends in home construction
  • volunteer opportunities
  • charities that support (fill in the blank)
  • alternatives to plastic
  • environmentally conscious companies
  • the must-see museums in (fill in the blank)
  • easy kids’ crafts

4. Beauty, style, and health

Pay attention to the TV commercials you see, and you’ll quickly realize that beauty, style, and health are topics of interest to people across many demographic indicators—age, gender, and occupation being only three. Remember that good social media posts provide value to your audience, so don’t be shy about posting content that you write (or more likely curate) based on ways you might segment your audience:

  • caring for gray hair
  • remedies for dry scalp
  • inexpensive but effective moisturizers
  • the most popular men’s colognes this year
  • pros and cons of gym memberships
  • what doctors have to say about acne
  • easy cures for chapped lips
  • morning/bedtime routines
  • what exactly is “business casual”?
  • self-care for busy parents
  • best online exercise programs
  • deskside exercises for remote workers

5. Personal stories

You’ve heard it a hundred times . . . people want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. Can you think of a better way for people to get to know and like you than to share with them aspects of your personal life?

Your private life is exactly that—private. But sharing aspects of your personal life, such as announcements, vacations photos, family get-togethers, holiday gatherings, places you go, things you see, the funny things your (or someone else’s) kids do, and the stuff of day-to-day living, is what will endear you to your audience.

Sometimes it may be difficult to believe, but yes—this is exactly the kind of stuff people who use social media LOVE! It’s the “social” part of social media.

We do not want to leave you with the idea that posting your property transactions, reviews and other self serving real estate industry related stuff. Just keep the ratio heavy on Home, Health & Wealth. We say go for a 80/20 ratio 80% lifestyle and 20% business. We think you’ll find great success in this approach. 

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