Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips

Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips

♨️ Outdoor space owners might want to consider taking it up a notch with one of the most sought-after features: an outdoor kitchen.

5 Hacks for Staying Cool in Your Yard

5 Hacks for Staying Cool in Your Yard

The easiest way to cool off your backyard is to create some shade from the sun. If you’ve got a pergola, add a shade fabric on top or beneath for extra sun protection.

Backyard Oh-So-Hot Outdoor Trends

This weeks most popular outdoor designs, along with products you can buy to steal the look. Ready to breathe some new life into your yard?!

7 Backyard Tiki Bar Ideas

Looking for more ways to entertain outdoors? Read these ideas for creating a backyard tiki bar to enjoy during warmer months.


Fire Pit Fun: Build this simple fire pit for Just $50! Winter, spring, summer, or fall, fire pits are always in season.

The Ultimate She Shed

When you think of a shed forget all about bicycle parts, drills and tools and boxes of nails, and think cool, calm, comfortable space for drinking sparkling wine as the sun goes down.