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What Does A Normal Market Look Like?

What Does A Look Like FP

🏡 now that the market is starting to shift, we keep hearing the terms “stabilized” and “normalized” market. Get this and more Free posts at

How Do I Find A Mortgage Lender?

How do I find a mortgage lender FP

🏡 Although it seems to make sense to talk to your bank or current mortgage company about getting pre-approved, it really may NOT be your best option

The Truth About For Sale By Owner

For Sale By owner FP

🏡 “For Sale By Owner” — honestly, a phrase that makes most agents cringe; not because we want to list your home, but because we actually care about what we do best. Like most top professionals…

Best Time To Buy or Sell

Best Time Of Year FP

🤔 Interest rates are rising, and yes, they are higher than they were a few months ago, however, my advice to you: block out the noise! Whatever your reason for buying or selling, what really matters is putting your money into a place where you will be living YOUR life. The best time to buy or sell is when YOU ARE READY.

Mid-year Housing Market Update

MID-YEAR Housing Update FP

🤔 🤔 2022 started strong with high demand and low interest rates, however, the significant increase in interest rates has slowed the market slightly, although inventory is still very low.⁣


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