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5 Tres Chic Bathroom Decor Looks We Love

Tres Chic Bathroom Ideas (1)

🛁 Oh, bathrooms. We use you so often, depend on you like crazy, and perhaps don’t always show you the love you deserve. Sure, we may have a Pinterest board with cool ideas on how we’ll upgrade you someday (like finding that perfect vintage wallpaper on a trip to Paris). But it has occurred to us lately that maybe it’s time to give these special rooms the zhuzh they deserve right now.

How To Speak French, Decor Style

French Decor (1)

🛋️ Sure, you know what an armoire is but French decor and furniture terms get tossed around so here’s a short refresher course.

How To Make Pumpkins Last Longer

How to make pumpkins last longer

🎃 It’s not truly Halloween until you have a pumpkin sitting on your doorstep. Yet every year, you probably notice that after a day or two, your jack-o’-lantern’s face starts to sag—then collapses into an orange lump. It’s certainly creepy, but perhaps not exactly the look you’re going for.

Front Door Color Meanings

Your front door has meaning

🚪 Front door color need some freshening up? Before you reach for the paint, know that your choice of color tells a lot about who you are!

Mosaic Ideas For The Yard

FP Mosaic Yard Landscaping (1)

🌞 With a myriad of stone colors and pebble sizes create swirls, clovers, and starbursts and turn ordinary rocks into a landscape focal point.


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