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5 Ways to Bring a Summer Feel into your Home

As temperatures skyrocket, you may be inspired to breathe new life into your living space. Summer is just as much a season of renewal as spring, what with its brilliant sunshine, crisp blue skies, and rainbow of light, airy hues.

20 Circular Trending Chandeliers

20 Circular Trending Chandeliers

20 Circular Trending Chandeliers Chandeliers can make or break a room. They often are the first thing people notice when entering your home. Or hanging elegantly above the dining table.

Decor Swaps to Refresh Your Home

No big purchases or renovations necessary (phew!) Here’s to making our homes more peaceful, practical, and pretty in 2022—and beyond.

An Essential Guide to Bed Styles

Finding the ultimate bed

Along with your couch, the bed is one of the biggest furniture purchases you’ll make—and finding the right bed style seems fraught with peril.

5 Tres Chic Bathroom Decor Looks We Love

Tres Chic Bathroom Ideas (1)

🛁 Oh, bathrooms. We use you so often, depend on you like crazy, and perhaps don’t always show you the love you deserve. Sure, we may have a Pinterest board with cool ideas on how we’ll upgrade you someday (like finding that perfect vintage wallpaper on a trip to Paris). But it has occurred to us lately that maybe it’s time to give these special rooms the zhuzh they deserve right now.

How To Speak French, Decor Style

French Decor (1)

🛋️ Sure, you know what an armoire is but French decor and furniture terms get tossed around so here’s a short refresher course.


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