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Mosaic Ideas For The Yard

FP Mosaic Yard Landscaping (1)

🌞 With a myriad of stone colors and pebble sizes create swirls, clovers, and starbursts and turn ordinary rocks into a landscape focal point.

Help The Earth, Help Yourself, Stay Healthy

FP Help Earth and Yourself

🌱 There are many opinions about climate change and how best to live our lives, prosper and care for earth and the environment… no one can argue we have seen an increase in wildfires, hurricanes and wacky weather.

Water Lover’s Adventure Bucket List

FP-Website-1200x800-14Photo of woman on a paddle boardFP-Website-1200x800-14Photo of woman on a paddle board

🏄🏼‍♂️ Whether you want to fish, float, or just relax, add these destinations to your water-adventure hit list. It’s hard to go wrong on the water.

How To Make A Bottle Garden

FP How To Make a bottle garden

🪴 Bottle gardens are pretty much exactly what they sound like: small “gardens” planted inside a sealable bottle or container.


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