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Summer Home Maintenance Tips

FP Summer Home Maintenance

🧹 As a homeowner, you should be staying on top of regular home maintenance and repairs—especially when it comes to the exterior of your home.

Decorating Your Fifth Wall? The Ceiling

FP Decorating your ceiling

🎨 Odds are you’ve decorated your home’s walls with everything from artwork to wallpaper, but there may be one surface you’re forgetting entirely: the ceiling. The ceiling—or “the fifth wall,” as designers refer to it—is finally getting some attention. Lots of it, in fact. While wallpaper has long graced many surfaces in a room, the latest craze is to get it up overhead.

The Ultimate Shower Head

FP The Ultimate Shower Heads

🚿 Choosing a shower head may seem like a small detail, but it’s one that will have a big impact on how you experience your bathroom each day.


DIY Backyard Firepit

🔥 Fire Pit Fun: Build this simple fire pit for Just $50! Winter, spring, summer, or fall, fire pits are always in season.

4 Small Ways to Improve your Home Without the Stress

4 Small Ways to Improve your Home Without the Stress (1)

Everyone takes pride in their homes, but there eventually comes a point where it’ll need a bit of TLC. Maintenance and repairs will become increasingly more commonplace, which leads to a lot of stress. There are ways around this, however.


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