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7 Paint Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Summer

7 Paint Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Summer

While some home decor trends last for years (yes, we’re talking about you, modern farmhouse style), paint trends tend to change more quickly, since painting is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to revamp a room

Paint Color Trends For 2022

Paint color Trends FP

If you haven’t heard, taupe is the new neutral.🎨 It’s modern, classic, and a beautiful balance of warm and cool, which can bring a comfortable presence to a space.

How To Paint Over Tacky Wallpaper for a New Look

Eyeing your walls and wondering how to paint over wallpaper? You’ve probably come to the conclusion that it’s a whole lot easier to slap some paint on it than it is to pull down that 1980s floral paper that makes your bathroom feel like you’re living with your granny.


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