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And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.
-Roald Dahl
FP She sheds

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Every home has a story, and they are as vast and varied as the world is wide. But they all start with inspiration, and inspiration starts with our surroundings. That’s what home is. Family. Friends. A sense of place. An amazing view. It is all part of what makes a space a home because your home is where you truly live. As homeowners ourselves we understand that your best life begins with a home that inspires you.

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“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you need to put up with the rain.” -Dolly Parton

It’s been a popular idea for a while now, and as I watch my neighbors build a new summer-house at the bottom of the garden, my mind is again drawn to how we should be creating the perfect she shed. What is this new fangled thing I speak of, I hear you say. Well the ‘she shed’ is the girls’ equivalent of the man cave. Forget all about bicycle parts, drills and tools and boxes of nails, and think cool, calm, comfortable space for drinking sparkling wine as the sun goes down. If that doesn’t work for you how about a sewing room, a craft room, a reading den or more. There are so many possibilities let’s look at some of my tips for getting this space just right.


Many of these tips are just like those you would use to decorate the inside of your home, but she sheds do require a few specific tips in order that you maximize their potential.

Build or Buy?

Mini Bar

If you in need of a she to start your She Shed project head over here and order a book on the best way to build a She Shed. Of course you can always just purchase a ready made shed at your local hardware store like Home Depot or in the case above we remodeled an old shabby shack to create this garden inspired shed. What you will want to keep in mind is how big you want your shed to be. Think about the use and the space size you’ll need to fulfill your desires.

Concrete Fire Bowl

Give yourself some time to research how to utilize the space. Maybe you need a home office, or perhaps a craft room, or just a space in which to relax away from the daily grind. However you want to use your perfect she shed, don’t be afraid to lay out the plan on the floor and hunt around for furniture that fits the space well. Don’t go for oversized pieces as you’ll drown the room, but search salvage shops and eBay  or even your local chatity store for preloved items that fit the room’s dimensions. In our example above stained glass and repurposed windows not only add great light to the space but create a very romantic cottage feel. You don’t have to go hunt for real stained glass. Taking an old window and adding the stained glass peel and stick will do the trick. 

Screened-In Porch

If you’re buying with the specific idea of creating a perfect she shed in the first place, then choose wisely. An angled summer-house might not be the best idea if you want a desk for an office space, but might work for a den or reading room. Wood is good and can be painted but there’s maintenance involved, Yoga rooms are the trend at the moment, and make for a stunning she shed, above. Don’t forget the Yoga decor and gear to fill out your studio.

Crayon-Dipped Citronella Candles

Whether it’s a certain color, a painted wall or a particular look, don’t over clutter and keep it simple. Built in shelves and purchase shelves make for great places to store and showcase items. In our shed above you get the sense she is a Gardner and loves to plant things. We love the Flowers sign hanging on the wall. This shed might be used to  get inspired, plant pots, hang dry flowers and plan your garden.


We love the bold artistic colors in this shed. You feel like you are on a Hollywood set and nestled in a artist private setting. Splash the walls with colorful oil based prints or paint some yourself. The cowhide chair  balanced with the red chaise set the room off while the quilted barrel table and reclaimed wood floors invite the warmth.

Flagstone Pathway

Pool Noodle Backyard Bowling

Your shed does not have to be shiny and new. In fact the older the better. In some ways we think it’s better to reclaim something old and bring new life to it. Here these old wicker chairs and table were left for the dump. A little white cottage spray paint and a few homemade cushions brought this whole set back to life. 

Patio Lights

Shabby chic seems to be a very popular look for she sheds. Here the owner used old dresser drawers, a painted white ladder, a repurposed pink painted dresser some shelves, flowers in bottled vases and a golden crystal chandelier. What’s not to love here?

DIY Shade

Don’t over think your sheds design. Use what you have. Buy what you don’t and keep it simple. We love the simple color scheme with the pots, cabinet and doors that really make this shed pop.

Movie Night

Go modern and build this look with ease. A wall of windows really bring the midcentury feel to this shed. Add some boxed steps, red lanterns, a small comfy square chair, hanging lanterns and a small bistro table and chairs. Welcome home!

Cozy Backyard Furnishings

Keeping with the modern theme. This shed was build with 2×4’s and lots of windows. If you are your hubby are handy you might try this DIY kit and build your own. When it comes to furnishing a modern shed keep things clean, bright and simple. Wicker modern chairs in front of the BBQ and a blue couch tucked inside bring a nice home feel to this space. 

Remember they don’t all start out as a “She Shed” you have to ue your imagination, a little inspiration and a lot of creative thinking to bring your shed to life. We hope you have enjoyed the she shed’s we have shared with you today and we would love to see your creation. Please post a comment and share a photo or two of your she shed. 

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